Social media is fast becoming a vital tool in investor and customer engagement  


With the ability to reach thousands of people with minimum investment, it is an opportunity for businesses to reach out. Globally, 37% of the population are now active social media users (nearly 3 billion people) and this figure is growing as more people access it on mobile devices/phones.  


In Australia alone, there are 17 million users active on Facebook, majority of which spend up to 8 hours a week on social media. These platforms are changing the way people communicate and the way organisations engage with the public. Social media marketing is a key brand management tool and when used effectively can positively impact on your company's positioning in the market place. 

What we do.


Develop a social strategy to ensure your company's key messages and announcements target the right audiences. The strategy will detail which platforms will work best for your business, content management and risk management processes. 


We can set-up your social media platforms for you, including designing specific banners for your brand.  


In line with the strategy, we will develop weekly content that is specifically tailored to your business, including graphic posts, blogs, videos, GIFS and news. We will manage the day to day posting of content and monitor your business' social media platforms. 


Monthly reports on the social media activity to highlight performance and for your business' reporting purposes.


Risk management is key when engaging in social media.  In line with our risk management plan we are quick to respond and will respond to all social media feedback.

Recent Projects.


Design and produce a professional presentation to make your business stand out to investors




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